LTF 414 D

Full Height Turnstiles are designed to be used both indoor and outdoor such as stadiums, prisons and custody houses with high security requirements to ensure controlled passages. All the models are 2, 3 or 4 winged with straight or U shaped bars, which are combined with each other.

LTF 414 D TANSA turnstiles are designed to excel in both internal and external environments. However, for applications in very humid or dusty settings, custom-designed turnstiles with optional features are available if the appropriate specifications are provided at the time of the order.

TANSA turnstiles are ideal for both unidirectional and bidirectional passages which can be free or access controlled. Even though access in both directions can be controlled by a card-reader, the authorized security personnel of the client can override that setting for card-free access during certain times of the day.

TANSA turnstiles allow free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the customer wants the turnstiles remain locked during such an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client.

  • Operation
    Adjustable manual passage to either direction. Optional: Motorized
  • Chassis
    1.5 mm thick, AISI 304 quality stainless steel.
    Optional: AISI 316 quality. With various color options electrostatic powder coated.
  • Rotor and Arms
    4 wings, 10 arms. AISI 304 quality stainless steel.
    Optional: AISI 316 quality. With various color options electrostatic powder coated
  • Functions
    Passage information. Ability to set the passage time. Memory mode. Adjustable audio warning. Remote controlled passage direction and enable feature
  • Mechanism
    Tempered steel and zinc coating. Fail-Safe (Free passage during power failure).
    Optional: Fail lock.
  • Emergency Mode
    The arms allow free passage when the signal received from fire detection system.
  • Operating Voltage: 100-230 VAC. 47-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 14W during passages, 24W during stand-by
  • Operating Temperature: -20 / +70 Optional: with heater -50
  • Passage Speed: ~40 persons / minute.
  • Passage Width: 65 cm
  • Weight: ~375 kg
  • Security Level: High Security.
  • Indicators: Standard in both directions.
  • Areas of Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Accessories: Heater. Internal lightening. Stainless steel reader bracket. Button control unit. Remote control unit. Coin console. Stainless steel bottom plate. RS232 / RS485 / LAN communication unit. Adaptor.
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