Mass International Private Limited is an incorporated (Private Limited) since 1984 and having total experience of over 45 years in the business (including incorporated status). We provide total engineering security solutions to our customers in Pakistan as well as serve industries with environmental gas monitoring products and solutions to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

We provide superior quality products from our world-renowned foreign principals with the best competitive prices, prompt delivery, professional installations, training, warranty supports as well as after sales services at the customer’s doorstep. On the other hand, we also provide law enforcement products to our customers on case-by-case basis from our foreign trusted principals.

To suppress the terrorist activities and increase the confidence in security and safer environment, the installation of security & surveillance system is imperative. For this Mission, Mass International serves exclusively in whole territory of Pakistan through its branches and networks in all the four provinces and capital. Additionally, we also provide services in the country Afghanistan on behalf of our principals for their delivered & installed equipment/systems.

We help our customers to define the level of security and the most appropriate products for their application. We refer this “CONSULTANCY” as an appropriate term. We go through the strategic survey, evaluation of threat levels, financial formats, selection of optimum performance and best mode of delivery to meet the end user’s satisfaction.

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Growth & Expansion

As stated, our founding objective is to assist customers through advance technology equipment / systems to their entities/industries applications. Since establishment of our business, we have been working day and night to fulfil this objective and build on our success to cover even more customers.

We are immensely proud to have served a large number of customers in all sectors including, financial institutions, hospitality industries, corporate sectors, government organizations, private sectors, and relevant industries.

So, when we are asked about our success stories, we refer to an extensive list of our satisfied customers. If they feel safe and secure by using our equipment, their confidence grows into our business, and we grow leaps and bounds. It is a solution where everyone benefits for both.


We are a team of professionals with a history of service in the field of safety, security, and relevant industries. Our engineers/professionals are always keen on keeping themselves abreast with new developments in the field of security and relevant challenges arising out of growing security threat locally, nationally, and international in the wake of terrorism and conflicts.

Our experts also help our clients in training their staff in operation, monitoring, and management of security equipment, and how they can report whenever a security threat looms, a security emergency arises, or a security event occurs. We always invest in each member of our team in their knowledge building, training, and development so that they stay ahead in the competition. It is one of the reasons that our customers stay very loyal to us in the longer run.

We value security

We take security very seriously. It is not just we are here to sell the equipment, but to help our clients feel protected from any security situation as much as we ourselves feel protected.

When you come to us to buy equipment you trust your security matters with us, so be assured we will never break your trust. We will produce a solution that is the best for you and your organization.

You will find our staffs very courteous in listening to you and your needs before you are referred to a member of our experts’ team. After we assess your need, we can highlight the entire range of equipment that falls within your requirement and budget.

If you have already gone through our online catalogue of security equipment but are unable to take any decision, then our consultants can help you in the decision-making process. We can also assist you in deciding whether your need is temporary, short-term, or long-term.

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