SecurWave® SecurManager®

SecurWave® is built around an innovative concept integrating all security functions under new automated tools for local or remote management and administration. SecurManager® centralizes all security information feeds for improved management and optimum reactivity.

Bank security management—the "smart way"

SecurWave® is primarily intended as an automated security management solution for the banking sector. It provides a smart answer to its priority need of protecting personnel, clients and suppliers at each local branch.

Tailoring your security

Close collaboration for safer operations
Together with its clients, Fichet performs risk analysis and reviews technical constraints in order to offer solutions truly answering their specific requirements. Fully customized with individual configurations for each site or model configuration for multi-site deployments, Fichet’s approach is to adapt to your context while preserving maximum coherence.


Mastering technology with openness
With multi-network and multi-protocol capability, SecurWave® is an open system intended to interact and communicate with other external systems.

Complete mastery of its various components – from hardware design to software development – allows Fichet to offer secure connections enabling 24/7 local or remote supervision and maintenance interventions on every system function—not to mention compatibility with the latest technologies.

A global solution for multiple sites under remote surveillance

As a partner of major retail banks for more than 40 years, the Fichet Group has monitored changes and anticipated corresponding needs by developing solutions fully adapted to their professional and structural environment.

SecurWave® is built around an innovative concept integrating all security functions and placing them under new automated tools for local or remote management, administration and maintenance.

Integrating all security functions

Specifically designed for the banking sector in order to answer the problems involved in managing networks of local branches, SecurWave® gathers all security functions and services under unified control: locks, intrusion detection, access control and CCTV.

Open-core communication

Building on its expert knowledge of critical infrastructures, its long-time experience and technical mastery, Fichet has developed SecurWave® as a global solution answering the security needs of bank networks with a simple, flexible, open – yet fully secure – system performing high value-added services.

SecurWave® modules

Access Control Filtering and accessibility management

The Access Control module offers full management of airlock functions (incl. single passage detection) and interacts with all other modules.

Intrusion Detection Scalable control

SecurWave supervises intrusion detection functions across all areas under surveillance. It monitors alarms with feedback on their transfer, treatment in accordance with predefined procedures and traceability.

CCTV Open communication with local devices

SecurWave interfaces with all recorders and video systems available on the market. It provides feedback information on: - Camera status - Recorder status - Recorder commands

Locks Management Customized functions

This module enables monitoring of the electronic locks on local equipment. It records and analyses every locking/unlocking request and imposes opening delays.

Transmission Multi network and multi protocol capability

SecurWave easily adapts to technological changes and migrations. Combined with encryption functions, this flexibility allows for full remote maintenance while preserving overall system security.

Others Incident management & future ready functions

- IPv6 address - Phasing out of the analogue phone network (PSTN) - VoIP - Double IP connection


SecurManager® enables centralized supervision of branches under SecurWave®

With a single application, SecurManager® allows you to perform multi-site remote management and administration of all local devices..

  • Intervention:
    • Overall administration of systems and corresponding user rights
    • Remote commands
  • Supervision:
    • Monitoring of alarms, qualifications and feedback information
    • Monitoring of real-time system activities
  • Tracking:
    • Multi-criteria search on alarms and events logs


Relying on a single database, SecurManager® allows for multi-system operations via a fully secure, user-friendly and intuitive web interface.

SecurManager® centralizes all security information feeds for improved management and optimum reactivity via control, check and configuration commands.

SecurManager® also generates technical, operational, use and management statistics.

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