CEZERi PRO Access Card Reader

With its technology, Cezeri Card Reader can be positioned in projects in many different fields. A software development kit is provided for original applications of Cezeri Card Reader, which will fully meet the expectations of those seeking the technology of the future with its ergonomic structure, speed and high quality.

Cezeri can work in online and offline modes. The most important feature that distinguishes Cezeri Card Reader from its competitors is; While working offline, it will allow card access according to authorization and right definitions as in online operation mode, and it can perform anti-pass back in offline mode.

With the Cezeri Pro Access Card Reader with Mifare, Proximity and HID model options, door groups can be created and authorization can be made. Cezeri Pro Access Card Reader can work in Online, Offline and Online-Offline modes. In addition, Cezeri Pro Access Card Reader has anti-pass back feature while working in Online mode.

Cezeri Pro Access Card Reader can be used with our rfBio Access Control software and can be integrated with various 3rd party software (human resources software).


  • Feed: 12 V – 24 V DC
  • Power consumption: 50 mA – 150 mA
  • Screen: 128×64 Graphic LCD
  • TFT LCD: Optional
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz / 125 KHz
  • Reading Distance: 3~10cm
  • Card Support: Mifare, Mifare Desfire, UltraLight, Mifare Plus, Felica, Jevel, NFCIP1, Hybrid / Proximity / HID
  • Communication: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • Communication Speed: 9600-115200 bps
  • Working mode: Online/Offline
  • Read/Write Speed: 126ms
  • Anti-Pass Back:
  • CPU: 80MHz 32 Bit Arm-M3 Processor
  • SD Card: Optional
  • Capacity: 8Mb
  • User Memory: 185.000 Personnel
  • Log Memory: 102,980 Logs
  • Table: Time Group, Personnel Group (Max 255 Groups)
  • Software Development Tools (SDK): C#, VB, .Net
  • Encryption:
  • RTC (Real Time Clock):
  • Language: Turkish, English
  • Keyboard: optional
  • Audible Warning:
  • led: Red, Green, Yellow
  • USB: Optional
  • Optical Isolated: 2 Inputs (Turnstile Return, Door Open, External Signal, External Button)
  • Relay Output: 250VAC-1A /30VDC 2A Normally Open and Closed Dry Contact Outputs
  • Compliance with Standards: ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B, ISO/IEC 18092-NFC
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
  • Box sizes: 121 x 150 x 50 mm
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