A new generation personnel tracking system reader from a smart and manageable technology manufacturer. CardPASS MF Pro works online or offline as its working principle. It offers the opportunity to pass with Card and Password.

It has a large TFT screen so that you can see the results of your transactions with Card and Password. When you only want to run it offline, you can upload the people you will authorize in the software that will enable communication between the device and the computer to the CardPASS MF Pro device, and you can perform transactions without any problems in the entrance and exit.

Even if your line goes out while working online, it allows you to switch by checking the last contact list you loaded on. In this way, there will be no piles at the door.

CardPASS MF Pro can make meal and meal rights definitions offline in cafeterias where other devices sold in the industry cannot work offline. Other devices do this online. As they cannot authorize as a result of an online line break, confusion may arise in the number of meals.

If you are considering buying 4 or more devices, if you are going to run them all in the same location, and if you plan to increase the number of card readers in the same location in the future.


Input Voltage : 8V-28V (Poe 8V-60V)
Screen : TFT (320*240) 3.5′
Ethernet : 10/100Mbps
RS232 : Optional*
RS485 : Optional*
Wiegand : Optional*
External Reader : Optional*
CPU : 120MHz 32Bit Cortex-M4
SD Card : Optional*
USB : Optional*
Keyboard : Yes (Touch)
Buzzer : There is
Speaker : Optional*
Optical Input : There is
Solid State Relay : There is
RTC : There is
LED : Optional*
Temperature Sensor : There is
Battery : Optional*
POE : Optional*
Device Security Alarm : Optional*
Operating Temperature : (-20, +70)
RF Operating Frequency : 13.56MHz
RF Reading Distance : 2~10cm
Card Support : MIFARE Classic 1K/4K, MIFARE UltraLight
Standard Support : ISO 14443 A/B
Working Mode : Online or Offline
Antipassback : There is
Pass With Excuse Notification : There is
Card Per Person : 3
Person Based Transition Modes : There is
Sequential Read Control : There is
Zone Control Toggle : By Card Only*
Last Move on Card Optional*
User Memory : 100,000
Transition Gestures Memory : 125,000
Device Gestures Memory : 29,000
Backup Motion Memory** : 10,000
Permitted Person Registration Memory : 15,000
Blacklist Memory : 8,000
Rights Definition Table : 24 hours * 78 different groups
Automatic On-Off There is
Personal Message There is
Announcement Broadcast There is
Automatic Submission of Offline Records Online There is
Language : Turkish English
Theme Selection : There is
Remote Update : There is
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