BioPASS Time Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint reader; Designed for PDKS systems and Access Control Systems, reliable quality fingerprint sensor with its special algorithm has precise and excellent verification speed. It provides a long lifespan without wearing out with its touch key operation feature. Fingerprint + Card + Password.

You decide how to enter and exit the business with the Fingerprint Reader? You can manage the security levels of your personnel on an individual basis. Person-based fingerprint entry and exit management either from the computer or via the fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint/Password/Card, Fingerprint Only, BioID/Password only, Card Only, Fingerprint/Card Fingerprint/Password, BioID/Password/Card, BioID & Finger, Fingerprint & Password, Fingerprint&Card Fingerprint&Password&Card etc. It provides the opportunity to pass by reading many fingerprints.

You can change all these finger reading methods on a person-based basis.

Can a staff member whose fingerprint surface is worn or wiped use the fingerprint reader?

One of your personnel can make turnstile access, door lock, etc. by simply scanning their fingerprints. While you can open it, if you’re other personnel’s fingerprint is worn and the fingerprint reader sensor is so worn that the personnel cannot detect their finger that personnel can enter and exit by simply scanning the password or card only.

Card & Password is the method for the security of PDKS data that we recommend for people whose fingerprints are worn. In this way, the personnel whose card is defined for the fingerprint information that the fingerprint sensor does not detect, first reads the card and then enters the password assigned to the card.

Providing a two-way secure entry. Fingerprint Reader features with these and more are available in BioPASS Time Fingerprint Device.

Fingerprint Reader Sensor

Fingerprint Reader Sensor

  • 3,000 Fingerprints can be defined.
  • 360 Degree verification
  • High precision optical image processing
  • Improve the consistency of fingerprint matching by correcting image distortions.
  • low power consumption
  • 500dpi resolution


In particular , it has the feature of being a smart and manageable biometric fingerprint reader that can only work by doing ONLINE Fingerprint Reading  or only OFFLINE Fingerprint Reading  . 

Where can you use Fingerprint Reader ; Door Lock, Turnstile Systems, Elevator Calling, Elevator Floor Authorization, Forklift Operation, Money Boxes etc. You can use it wherever you need to create a safe area or use it safely.

BioPASS Time is the first and only domestic fingerprint reader with these features, designed and produced by distinguished BARKODES R&D Engineers. Its powerful performance, high image quality and optical fingerprint sensor are among the main features of the fingerprint reader system. Many more information such as Fingerprint Reader image quality, verification results can be viewed on the Bio PASS. Time Fingerprint Reader 3.5 inch TFT screen.

Thanks to the standard TCP/IP communication, it can easily transfer the data on it to the PC in a few seconds. In this way, necessary input and output information for personnel tracking systems can be displayed on the PC. BioPASS Time Fingerprint device only.

It can be switched to ONLINE Finger Scan  or just OFFLINE Finger Scan mode.

How does the Online Fingerprint Reader  work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ONLINE fingerprint device? In an ONLINE fingerprint system, all control is managed by the access control program installed on the PC. With ONLINE, it allows you to instantly see the fingerprint reading entry and exit personnel movement records of the personnel, to instantly manage all biometric fingerprint readers in the enterprise, and to track meals, especially in the cafeteria control systems.

BioPASS Time Fingerprint reader, manageable smart card reader, stylish design, non-wear and tear-resistant touch keypad, temperature sensor, traceability of the device in any environment, and most importantly, being manageable with BARKODES takes the BioPASS device one step ahead of its competitors.


  • Input Voltage: 8V-28V (Poe 8V-60V)
  • Display: TFT (320*240) 3.5′
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps ( Op. RS232 : Yes, RS485 : Yes )
  • Keypad: Yes (Touch)
  • Buzzer: Yes
  • Optical Input: Yes, Mechanical Relay : Yes, RTC : Yes
  • Temperature Sensor: Yes
  • Finger Reader Sensor: Yes
  • POE: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: (-40, +85)
  • RF Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Working Mode: “Only Online or Only Offline”
  • Fingerprint Memory: 3,000
  • User Memory: 100,000
  • Transition Movements Memory: 125.000
  • Language: Turkish/English (Elective)
  • Remote Update: Yes
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