OctoPASS TTFSM ID Proximity Card Reader

Tentacle MF Touch panel key mifare card reader smart and manageable technology manufacturer BARKODES is here with its quality and competitive price. By using the processing power of the panel to which it is connected, it responds to any query in milliseconds.

With the Mifare card reader with Tentacle MF Touch panel key, you can switch with either a card or a password. You can follow all transactions and warnings with the TFT screen. With its quality and stylish design, it will draw attention in the environments where the application will be made.

OctoPASS Tentacle MF Touch Mifare Card Reader is a card reader with mifare card reading and password access feature that works with panel access systems. Its entire management is made by the OctoPASS Prime access control panel. Tentacle MF Touch panel does not keep data query and movement log on mifare card reader with key.

As soon as it detects the card, it gives an approval or rejection response to the pass movement with the authorization query made on the main panel. If the system you want is not a memory-less reader connected to the panel.


Input Voltage: 10V-24V
RS485: Yes
CPU: 16-bit ULP 16MHz
Buzzer: Yes
LED: Yes
Device Security Alarm: Optional*
Operating Temperature: (-10, +70)
RF Operating Frequency: 125KHz
RF Reading Distance: 2 ~ 10 cm
Card Support: Proximity Card
Standard Support: ISO 14443 A/B
Working Mode: Online Only
Antipassback: Yes
Remote Update: No


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