The Garrett ATX metal detector uses pulse technology to locate the smallest gold nuggets, relics and coins in the most extreme conditions. Optional Military grade design can be used on land or under water to 10 feet. Extreme sensitivity lets you discover the tiny gold nuggets that other pulse induction detectors miss! Be sure to read our Garrett ATX Standard and Garrett ATX Deepseeker Waterproof Metal Detectors Comparison guide.

Garrett ATX Waterproof Standard Package with 12″ Coil is a rugged, waterproof detector that provides maximum detection on all targets. There is no need to switch modes and miss one type of target while focusing on another. Furthermore, it has advanced ground balance that is suitable for highly mineralized ground and saltwater without the need for special modes.

This Garrett ATX basic package is the ultimate machine for gold nugget prospecting. The standard MS-2 wired headphones include a waterproof connection and will let you easily hear Deep faint signals. As you are treasure hunting with this Garrett metal detector you will quickly realize it is exceptional for many types of detecting.

Garrett’s ATX is a pulse induction metal detector. This metal detector uses pulse technology to locate gold nuggets, relics, and coins in the most challenging metal detecting conditions. The ATX is at home on land and in the water due to its military-grade design.

This pulse detector is ready for your next hunt, no matter what you’re looking for. Optional waterproof headphones can be used with this model for snorkeling. As a pi detector this model is very stable in highly mineralized soil. You can easily locate targets of less than a gram in size with the non motion mode.

While it is primarily recognized as a top gold metal detector, this model is also fantastic for coin hunting, surf hunting or even cache hunting.

As you adjust the sensitivity depth adjustment on this model, you will notice that you can easily increase the ability to locate the smallest gold nuggets. As you increase the model to high sensitivity, you will notice the best ability to find these valuable targets. You can use automatic ground balance or manual ground balance to filter out the minerals in the ground.

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