XIS 6040N


  •  Mobility Package for Easy Relocation
  •  Tunnel Opening (Width x Height): 60.0 cm X 40.0 cm
  •  Conveyor Speed: 23 cm/s Forward or Reverse
  •  Conveyor Capacity: 165 kg Evenly Distributed Load
  •  Steel Penetration: 39 mm Typical, 37 mm Standard
  •  Contrast Sensitivity: 24 Visible Levels, 4096 Gray Level
  •  X-ray Generator: 160kV
  •  6 Color Imaging

The XIS-6040M is a mobile X-Ray Inspection System (XIS) designed for quick deployment and easy relocation. The system delivers crisp, high-resolution images that allow operators to recognize objects, identify materials, and isolate threats with greater speed and accuracy. It is also equipped with a mobility package for easy relocation, which includes lockable caster wheels, stainless steel handle bars, a monitor mount, and lockable control panel.

The XIS-6040M superior imaging and high throughout make it the ideal solution for sites that require mobile and flexible security solutions.


  • 6 Color Imaging
  • Color and Black/White Imaging
  • Geometric Image Distortion Correction
  • High Penetration Function
  • Organic/ Inorganic Imaging
  • Picture Perfect
  • Pseudo Color
  • Real- Time Image Manipulation
  • Atomic Z-Number Measurement
  • Material Discrimination
  • 9 Quadrant Zoom
  • Continuous Scanning
  • Continuous Zoom up to 64x
  • Vertical Zoom Panning
  • Auto Image Archiving
  • Image Review
  • Image Annotation
  • JPEG Conversion
  • Print Image Capable
  • Multi-Tier Accessibility
  • Network Ready
  • Real-Time Self Diagnostic
  • Reverse Monochrome
  • Density Alert
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Entry/ Exit Roller Tables
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