Multi View CT

  • 450kV X-Ray Generator
  • Tunnel Opening (Width x Height): 152.4 cm X 170.2 cm
  • Roller Bed Speed: 20 cm/s Forward or Reverse
  • Conveyor Capacity: 1600 kg Pallet
  • Steel Penetration: Minimum 90 mm (Astrophysics Step Wedge) 92 mm (ANSI N42.46-2008)
  • Scan Duration (1 Pass): 25 Seconds
  • Scan Duration (5 Passes): 180 Seconds
  • Throughput (1 Pass): Typical 60 Pallets/Hour
  • Throughput (5 Passes): Typical 20 Pallets/Hour
  • 6 Color Imaging

The Astrophysics Multi-View CT is the worlds first 3D CT Cargo System. Combining multi-view radiography and high-speed computed tomography, it allows airlines, freight forwarders, and customs agencies to perform rapid and effective cargo inspections.

Equipped with a powerful generator, the Multi-View CT delivers twice the power of conventional cargo systems. Operators can generate dozens of viewing angles of a single pallet, using Astrophysics unique algorithms to reconstruct the views into a single 3D image that allows operators to examine the cargo from all angles. This singular combination of radiography, tomography, and imaging power makes it easy to locate suspicious items with near perfect accuracy anywhere on a pallet.

The Multi-View CT is a disruptive technology and a significant advance in cargo inspection and security screening. Combining radiography and computed tomography, it allows freight forwarders, airlines, and government agencies to perform rapid and effective cargo inspections, for the ultimate in imaging detection.

450kV Generator: The Multi-View CT is equipped with a 450kV generator capable of penetrating more than 100 mm of steel, 2x a conventional cargo system.

Multiple-View Mode: A single pass through the Multi-View CT produces 7 x-ray images, each from a different and distinct angle. Scanning only 1 pass (7 images) can process up to 60 pallets per hour, 4x a conventional cargo system. Multiple passes can produce up to 35 images, for a 360 inspection.

Computed Tomography (CT) Mode: To inspect complex, cluttered, and even non homogeneous cargo, the Multi-View CT can combine data from up to 5 multi-view passes to construct a 3D CT image. Operators can rotate the image on screen, for a full 360 view. CT screening can process up to 20 pallets per hour.

Unparalleled Image Quality: The singular combination of radiography and tomography offers an unprecedented level of detail and resolution. The clarity of the images allows operators to identify threats anywhere on the pallet with almost perfect precision and accuracy.
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