Quickly and easily respond to workers in an emergency with real-time alerts showing who is in danger, where they are working, and what hazards they face.

Gain instant visibility into worker and site safety so you can identify high-risk areas on your site and manage contractor safety during shutdowns and turnarounds.

  • Receive Instant Alerts: Get real-time text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations, allowing you to see what’s happening on a map and respond to incidents in the moment.
  • Pinpoint Worker Location: Respond faster in an emergency with a live map showing where workers are located and whether they have encountered hazardous gas, pressed the panic button, or triggered a man-down alarm.
  • Eliminate Manual Check-ins: Instantly verify worker status without burdening or distracting workers with manual check-ins.
  • Create and Manage Custom Work Zones: Create a map of work zones on your site and allow operators to customize alerts for each zone. Set occupancy limits for work zones to reinforce social distancing and get live notifications when someone enters a restricted area.
  • Identify High-Risk Areas: Heat mapping gives you a visual summary of areas where gas alarms have occurred. Reduce risk by investigating worksite hazard patterns so you can prioritize maintenance and operations activities.


Gas monitors automatically transmit worker status and location to iNet Now software when an employee encounters a high alarm, low alarm, TWA, STEL, panic, or man-down situation. iNet Now sends an alert to the identified safety contact using text, email, or on-screen notifications so that they can take action.

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