DSX Standalone 3 Port Docking Station for MX6 iBrid Gas Monitors

Whats Included:

  • DSX Standalone 3-Port Docking Station for MX6 iBrid Gas Monitors
  • US/ North American Power Cord
  • Two iGas Reader and Cables
  • Manual

The DSX in standalone mode is a simple out-of-the-box gas detector maintenance station that requires no PC or network configuration.

  • Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon dock.
  • Automated record keeping with direct USB data storage eliminates concerns about storage space or losing compliance data.
  • Automatic printing of bump and calibration certificates (with direct connect printer) provides hard copy printouts for hot work and confined space entry.
  • Automatic instrument wake-up and battery charging.
  • Auto detection of calibration gas type and expiration date upon cylinder connection.

Want to upgrade to the Cloud Connect Service later No Problem! Purchase the a DSXi Activation Key any time and the DSX Standalone becomes a cloud-connected fully automated instrument maintenance station. There is no need to send anything back for activation all upgrades are easily performed in the field. Call 800-949-7233 to purchase the Cloud Connect Activation Key.

Physical Specifications

  • Warranty: Two-year warranty DSX (Standalone) and DSX-L (Local Server)
  • Guaranteed For Life Program** DSXi (Cloud-connected)
  • Instruments supported: MX6 iBrid (Diffusion or Pumped Versions)
  • Dimensions: MX6 iBrid: H: 25.3cm (9.96″); W: 16.9cm (6.65″); D: 27.3cm (10.75″)
  • Gas inlets: 3-Port Version: One fresh air port, two calibration gas ports
  • Pump flow rate: 1.2 SCFH (550 mL / min)
  • Communication: 10 / 100 Ethernet support, RJ-45 Category 5 Connection
  • Operating temperature range: 0 C to +50 C /32 F to 122 F
  • Operating humidity range: 0% to 80% relative humidity (RH) up to 30 C (86 F), decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 50 C (122 F)
  • External power supply ratings: Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC/12 VDC,Freq. range: 50-60 Hz, Current rating: 5A
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