DSX Docking Station for Tango TX1 Gas Monitors, Standalone

Item Number | 18109330-031

Industrial Scientific DSX Standalone Docking Station for Tango TX1 Gas Monitor

What’s Included:

  • DSX Standalone 3-Port Docking Station for Tango TX1

The DSX in standalone mode is a simple out-of-the-box gas detector maintenance station that
requires no PC or network configuration.
Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon dock.
Automated record keeping with direct USB data storage eliminates concerns about
storage space or losing compliance data.
Automatic printing of bump and calibration certificates (with direct connect printer)
provides hard copy printouts for hot work and confined space entry.
Automatic instrument wake-up and battery charging.
Auto detection of calibration gas type and expiration date upon cylinder connection.

Want to upgrade to the Cloud Connect Service later

No Problem! Purchase the a DSXi Activation Key any time and the DSX Standalone becomes a cloud-connected fully automated instrument maintenance station. There is no need to send anything back for activation all upgrades are easily performed in the field. Call 800-949-7233 to purchase the Cloud Connect Activation Key.

Physical Specifications

  • Warranty: Two-year warranty DSX (Standalone) and DSX-L (Local Server)
  • Guaranteed For Life Program** DSXi (Cloud-connected)
  • Instruments supported: Tango TX1
  • Dimensions: Tango TX1: H: 22.7cm (8.92″); W: 16.9cm (6.65″); D: 27.3cm (10.75″)
  • Gas inlets: 3-Port Version: One fresh air port, two calibration gas ports
  • Pump flow rate: 1.2 SCFH (550 mL / min)
  • Communication: 10 / 100 Ethernet support, RJ-45 Category 5 Connection
  • Display: 128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD Multilingual modes English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese***

PERFORMANCE Specifications

  • Operating temperature range: 0 C to +50 C /32 F to 122 F
  • Operating humidity range: 0% to 80% relative humidity (RH) up to 30 C (86 F), decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 50 C (122 F)
  • External power supply ratings: Supply voltage: 100-240 VAC/12 VDC,Frequency range: 50-60 Hz, Current rating: 5A
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