Bump N Go Test Gas, 100 ppm CO, 75 ppm H2S, 15% O2, 50% LEL Methane, Hazmat

Bump-N-Go cylinder, 100 ppm CO,75 ppm H2S, 15% O2, 50% LEL(Methane)

For use with Ventis MX4, Ventis Pro, MX6 IBrid equipped with CO, H2S, O2 & LEL sensors.

Bump testing gas detectors before each day s use is the only way to be sure that the sensors respond to gas. But if your team works on the go, they might not have access to a docking station or calibration gas to check their monitors.

By the time they enter hazardous areas, they may not even realize something is wrong with the monitor, until it is too late. Your team needs a solution that goes where the work is, so they can test their gas detectors regard less of location. Introducing the Ultra-Portable Bump-N-Go

  • Bump test anytime, anywhere with the pocket-sized gas cylinder
  • Get 250 bumps out of one bottle, at a lower cost-per-bump, thanks to a push button regulator that eliminates wasted gas
  • Enjoy lower shipping costs because there are no hazardous material fees for ground shipments
  • Save time and money by ordering the six-pack option
  • Cylinder Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Cylinder Dimension: Diameter 48 mm (1.90 in) / Cylinder Height 97.5 mm (3.84 in)
  • Cylinder Weight: .204 kgs (0.45 lbs)

Gas detectors can only help you if they are working properly, and the easiest way to know is if you remember to Bump-N-Go.

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