Calibration Gas, 58 Liter, 2 cu. ft., 5 ppm NO2, 100 ppm Co, 25% LEL Pentane, 18% O2, Hazmat

Item Number | 18109178

Industrial Scientific 58 Liter Cylinder Mixed Calibration & Bump Test Gas (5 ppm NO2, 100 ppm CO, 25% LEL Pentane, 18% O2)

Recommended for the MX6 iBrid, Ventis MX4 & Pro Series, equipped with LEL(Pentane), O2, CO & NO2 Sensors.

For best results, use only Industrial Scientific calibration equipment for regular instrument calibration and maintenance. All Industrial Scientific calibration cylinders are manufactured to the highest quality standards and include NIST traceable blend techniques, analytical leak testing of every cylinder, certified component concentrations and clearly marked lot numbers and expiration dates.

This Industrial Scientific 58 liter Combination Calibration/Bump Gas can be used for the following Industrial Scientific V-Cal, DS2 & DSX Series Docking Stations for Bump Testing and Calibrating the following monitors: Ventis MX4, iQuad MX4, M40, MX6, iTX. These monitors must be equipped with the following four sensors: LEL (Pentane), O2, CO, NO2.

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