More than a century of Fichet expertise concentrated into a single premium range. Our certified and patented locks generate millions of different codes and provide lasting protection for safes, vaults and storage cabinets.

Storage cabinets

Every organization understands that sensitive documents must be kept secure and confidential. Fichet’s storage cabinets protect your assets from theft and prying eyes as well as fire damage.

Fireproof cabinets

High risk sectors such as banking, luxury retail, advanced technologies and pharmaceutical research simply cannot afford to run the risk of losses related to fire outbreaks. Protective storage solutions with certified resistance to fire are therefore an absolute necessity.


Mechanical or electronic Fichet locks are key components in the protection of your valuables.

  • High-performance mechanical or electronic patented locks convenient for most safes, vaults and storage cabinets
  • Certified by A2p and VdS for the highest levels of resistance (B/E, C/E or D/E levels as per EN 1300)
  • Exclusive patented design and in-house production for long-term durability and availability
  • French design and quality: all products are designed and manufactured in France on the same production site compliant with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14000 for Environmental Risk Management Systems

Mechanical locks

Combination Locks (MONEO)

A certified high-performance locking solution. Seven dials with 12 positions each allow you to create more than 60 million different combinations. Automatic scrambling on opening makes sure dials are reset after each new access.

Key Locks (MxB)

Patented MxB locks are certified by A2p for the highest levels of security. The innovative 3D construction of the key prevents picking and makes key replication extremely difficult.

Combination Locks (MC4)

A simple and efficient solution certified by A2p for security level B/E as per EN 1300. Its four-dial system with 12 positions each allows for more than 28,000 different codes.

Electronic locks

Electronic Locks (GCL 1000)

High-security GSL 1000 locks are extremely flexible and can be fitted as standalone devices on a single safe or vault—or in network mode as part of a series of managed locks.

Electronic Locks (NECTRA)

An effective and compact solution generating more than 100 million different code permutations. Easy to configure and use, Nectra locks can be integrated into your centralized alarm system for external supervision, incl. code changes and duress alarms.

Electronic Locks (KELNET)

Certified via stringent testing by VdS, A2p and ECB-S for levels B, C and D, Kelnet is the first high-security lock to be certified for distributed systems. More Information
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